Be fearful when others are greedy,

and greedy only when others are fearful

Warren Buffet

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1. investment advice services

Investment Advice is a personalized investment service, which is based on the principle of a disciplined methodology consisting of the Investment Planning and the personal advice according to each customer’s specific needs and the targeted returns, risk tolerance and time horizon defined and agreed upon with customer.


SAFE ADVISORS’ Executives and Relationship Managers will analyze and understand  each client’s specific needs and targets, their risk tolerance, and time horizon and they will help them plan a wealth management strategy which will cover all their goals and needs, based on the correct & suitable Asset Allocation.

They will inform and train each customer on various Asset classes, Financial  Instruments and specific investment products and they will make specific investment proposals, according to customer’s Investment Profile and current market conditions, so that the customer can make informed investment choices among the expansive investment platform which is offered in the complicated modern economic environment.


Under an Investment Advisory Mandate, necessary condition (and the main difference from the Discretionary Portfolio Management Mandate), is the customers’ consent in every Investment decision/order.

Customer’s portfolio is continuously monitored (Health Check), against his risk tolerance level, as well as current market conditions and is readjusted/rebalanced accordingly.


SAFE ADVISORS’ independence from any Banking Institution safeguards the objectivity and impartiality of all Investment Advice, while the collaboration of SAFE ADVISORS with some of the largest Banking Institutions, Financial Services Companies and Investment Houses internationally, ensures security and assurance. Access to open architecture platforms offers a vast variety and choice in all financial instruments.

2. exclusive access to international boutique private banks

Collaboration with large Banking Institutions and Financial Services Companies internationally, with specialisation in Wealth Management.

The selection of Banking Institutions/Custodians with which SAFE ADVISORS collaborates, is done taking into consideration, among other things, the know-how and experience of the Custodian in the financial sector, the reputation in the market, the credit rating, the specialisation in wealth management, the efficacy of best execution policies in place and the existence of a strict regulatory environment & rules by Local Authorities in the country the custodian operates in, so as the highest degree of security for the customers is ensured.

3. receiving and transmission of orders

4. direct updates on current

market conditions

Ongoing Markets Monitoring and analysis. Customers’ updates on market conditions through daily, weekly and monthly reports.

5. full range, independent open

architecture product offering

Access to all international financial instruments and products.


SAFE ADVISORS Investment Services S.A.

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