SAFE ADVISORS does not offer the service of custodianship and therefore does not hold financial instruments of its customers on its own account. The financial instruments of customers to whom SAFE ADVISORS offers investment services are deposited directly and being kept by third Custodians.


According to the Company’s values SAFE ADVISORS collaborates with many custodians, Banking Institutions and Financial Services Companies, in Greece and abroad, so that our customers can choose the custodians of their choice.

The selection of Banking Institutions/Custodians with which SAFE ADVISORS collaborates, is done taking into consideration, among other things, the know-how and experience of the Custodian in the financial sector, the reputation in the market, the credit rating, the specialisation in wealth management, the efficacy of best execution policies in place, the existence of a strict regulatory environment  & rules in the country the custodian operates in,  the adherence of the custodian to those rules and regulations by, being regulated by Local  Authorities (Central Banks &/or Capital Market Commissions), so as the highest degree of security for the customers is ensured.


SAFE ADVISORS Investment Services S.A.

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